Add a Device to RMS-JSON-API

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Add a Device to RMS-JSON-API

Step 1

On the desktop, double click on the shortcut:

api run 1


The User Account Control will ask if you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device? Click on Yes:

api run 2

Step 2

Login to the software with the following details:


Username: admin

Password: admin

api run 6

Step 3

The software will open:

api run 7

Step 4

Click on the Settings overview and update the RMS Post Data URL if required:

api run 10


For standard cloud applications, use the following RMS Post Data URL:


For on-premise solutions update with the server ID.

Step 5

Click on add a new device and fill out all of the "Field is required" fields.


In the first case add the device information:

api device 1


Add the API URL. What is the URL of where the data can be found.

Add the Device name. The device name that will appear in RMS.


Only add letters and numbers. No special characters.

Add the Device Serial  Number:  The serial number of the device that will appear in RMS.


Only add numbers. No special characters or letters.

Add the Default Interval (Seconds). The log interval.

Add the API Provider. A list of the integrated API providers that are in the RMS-JSON-API software.

Add the API Token/Key. If a token or key is required to get data, then it can be input here.


Once everything is completed, click on Add.


Then add the channel information, we recommend adding all of the channels necessary before adding the device to RMS:

Add the Channel ID (number).

Add the Channel Name (text).

Add the Parameter.

Add a random value (number).

Add the Unit when required.

Add the Parameter from the Mapping.


Once the first channel added, click on Add Channel for the next channels.


The device in RMS-JSON-API should look like this:

api device 3

Step 6

Log into RMS: Log in to your RMS Account .

Step 7

Once logged into your company, click on "Tools">"Setup":

api device 4

Step 8

Select "New" and click on JSON device:

api device 5

Step 9

Add the device name and serial number as defined within the RMS-JSON-API software:



Before clicking on the OK button on the RMS portal, please click the “Post Pairing” button from the software. The application will start post pairing information to the RMS server. On post paring, the application will prompt a message “Pairing information sent” and will start posting the pairing data to the RMS server.


api device 6


Step 10

Switch back to the RMS-JSON-API software and click on "Post Pairing":

api device 9

Step 11

Switch back to RMS and click on OK. RMS will wait for the device:

api device 8

Step 12

When the device appears, update the Group and the Measuring point names, then click on OK:

api device 10

Step 13

RMS will then generate an ID and a Token for the new Device:

api device 11

Step 14

Switch to RMS-JSON-API software and add the ID and Token and click on Update:

api device 12

Step 15

Return to RMS and click on OK. The device is added to RMS:

api device 13

Step 16

Take the MPT number and MPT name and add them to the RMS-JSON-API software.


Select the correct channel and click on Edit and update the RMS Chanel ID and RMS Channel Name accordingly, then click on Update Channel:

api device 14


Step 17

On the RMS-JSON-API home screen, enable the device:

api device 15