Temperature Sensors

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Temperature Sensors

The Rotronic Monitoring System can work with various temperature sensors. However, mainly Pt100 and NTC sensors.


A Pt100 is a RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) and an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) is a thermistor.


Thermistor overview:

oVery robust,


oSelf-powered, does not need external excitation,

oNot very accurate,

oInhomogeneities in wires may cause unexpected errors...


RTD overview:

oAre more accurate, linear and stable than thermocouples,

oExtension wires can be copper wires,

oMore expensive than thermocouples,

oNeed a known excitation current suitable for the sensor type,

oMore fragile...


Rotronic recommend using Pt100 sensors for all applications where accuracy is critical.


Rotronic offer both Pt100 and NTC dataloggers.

Pt100: RMS-LOG-T30-L & RMS-LOG-T30-868/915.

NTC: RMS-MLOG-T10-868/915.


Here is an overview of the various sensors:

Temperature Pt100.

Temperature NTC.



Temperature Damping.