Temperature Damping

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Temperature Damping

RMS TD-0001

Strict guidelines require high temperature stability in many areas and only allow the smallest fluctuations. However, there are unavoidable fluctuations fridge temperature when the door opens, which must be buffered to ensure that the probe temperature measurement is representative of the product temperature. As of such, the monitored temperature is more stable and meaningful. The sensor holder is traceable end-to-end and meets all FDA and GxP environments.


PET bottle.

Lid with seal.

Sand (weighed for the bottle).

Two centering sleeves (suitable for 6 mm diameter probes only).

Mounting bracket.

Cable ties.


General Specifications

Order code


Temperature range


PET bottle

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Mounting bracket

Polylactide (PLA)


Biloxit (certified)


34 x 110 mm