Sensors and Probes

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Sensors and Probes

Rotronic offer the following sensors and probes:

Digital HCD-Sx for relative humidity and temperature measurement.

Digital HCD-IC for industrial relative humidity and temperature measurement.

Digital PCD-S for differential pressure measurement.

Digital CCD-S for indoor air quality (IAQ) CO2 measurement.

Digital TCD-S for temperature measurement.

Analogue CCA-S-20X & CCA-S-20X-SET for incubator CO2 measurement.

Analogue Temperature Sensors.


As a world-leading manufacturer of humidity measurement instruments, Rotronic is fully aware of its responsibility to offer instruments that can withstand the harshest operating conditions, while remaining user-friendly and requiring minimal maintenance. At the same time we urge our users to ensure continued performance within specification of the measurement instruments at the expense of a small amount of effort. The following checklist is provided as a guide.


1.Analyze the environment in which the humidity probe is used. What suspended substances and/or chemicals exist and in approximately what concentration?


2.Install the probe at a place representative of the measured climate with good airflow across the sensor.


3.Choose the right filter. Measurement is fastest without a filter. For air velocities higher than 3 m/s, however, a filter must be used. The filter protects the sensor up to airflow velocities of 40 m/s, depending on the filter type used. Suitable filters must also be used in the case of contaminants/pollutants and in harsh environmental conditions. Inspect and replace the filter more frequently in harsh operating conditions. Filters can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. However, always keep a new filter set in stock.


4.For calibrations , use one of our calibration services or the SCS-certified humidity standards. This will ensure your calibration is traceable to national standards, as a minimum. Rotronic recommend regular calibration at least every 6 to 12 months.


Rotronic offers a range of theory details on the website:

Relative humidity and temperature:



Dew point:

Differential pressure: