Pt100 in RMS

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Pt100 in RMS

The order code for Pt100's is T30-xxxx in RMS.


The T30 temperature sensors are compatible with the RMS-LOG-T30-L and RMS-LOG-T30-868/915 data loggers. The data logger temperature range is limited from -40…70°C.


The RMS temperature portfolio will cover a various array of applications, from the coldest such as liquid nitrogen tanks and cryogenic freezers to freezers, refrigerators and cold rooms to hotter ones such as water baths, incubators, ovens and autoclaves. Certain probes are also designed for specific applications for monitoring legionella within water pipes and monitoring room temperature.


For highly accurate PT100 measurements, the Callendar van Dusen coefficients can be adapted to the respective PT100 sensor: Sensors.


T30 Sensor Overview: This list is not extensive and other probes, diameters and cable lengths are available on demand.