RMS can be used to monitor particles. Whereas Rotronic doesn't offer particle counters, RMS allows for third party digital and analogue integration.

Digital devices (MODBUS TCP) can be integrated with the RMS-CONVERTER (https://www.rotronic.com/en-ch/rms-converter.html).
Analogue devices (0/4...20mA and 0...1/5/10V) can be integrated over LAN with the RMS-ADC-L-R (https://www.rotronic.com/en-ch/rms-adc-l-r.html) or wirelessly with the RMS-MADC-868/915-A/V (https://www.rotronic.com/en-ch/rms-m...ut-0-20ma.html).

Today, Rotronic AG have successfully integrated the following devices digitally:

1) Particle Measuring Systems Airnet II (https://www.pmeasuring.com/cas/produ...rticle-sensor/).
2) Lighthouse ApexR5 (https://www.golighthouse.com/en/airb...unters/apex-r5).
3) Climet Cl-3100 OPT Series (http://www.climet.com/products/ci3100_series.html).

The protocol files can be found here: https://service.rotronic.com/forum/f...modbus-library.

The following particle counters cannot be added to RMS digitally:

1) TSI, the MODBUS TCP protocol is not public (https://tsi.com/products/cleanroom-p...icle-counters/).
2) ParticlesPlus, the device requires a MODBUS TCP command to update the MODBUS addresses (https://particlesplus.com/).