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  • Desktop link and Reset Password link

    We are receiving an alarm email or reset password email but once we select the link it will show this error 404 - File or directory not found.

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    I assume you are using an On Premise installation of RMS.

    If so this is likely due to incorrect settings with RMS > Tools > Setup > System. Specifically the Web Service Path (and in v1.x) wService Paths.

    If you can login with a different account please check these. and enter correctly eg...

    - Webpage: http(s)://<server>/RMS
    - wService: http(s)://<server>/wService/wService3.DeviceService.svc

    If you cannot login at all since all user / passwords are lost it is only possible to reset passwords via direct SQL action. Please raise a support request via email if this is required.



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      We are using On-premise RMS.
      We are able to log in with different accounts but one of our users forgot his password and the link was not working when he received the email for the reset option.

      The webpage and wservice configuration are correct.


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        OK so you can manually reset the password via Tools > Setup > Users > Sleect user and choose Reset password in right hand panel.
        At which point the user can login and must leave the password blank... RMS will then request they set a new password.

        Regarding the email link being incorrect perhaps we can discuss on email as we may need some more details & screenshots etc please email rms ( at )

        Many thanks