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Detecting the HP23


Use a USB cable (mini-USB connector on the side of the HP23) to connect the service connector of the HP23 indicator to the HW5 PC. Unless already installed, you should install the ROTRONIC USB driver on the PC before running HW5.


After detection by HW5, the HP23 appears as an icon in the left pane of the HW5 main screen.


Click on the + sign to the left of the HP23 icon to display the HP23 Device Manager module, the Record Data module as well as two probe icons (one for each of the HP23 inputs).


Click on the + sign to the left of a probe icon to display a list of the available functional modules for the probe.


Device Manager


The HW5 functions available for the HygroFlex are illustrated below:




To open the Device manager form, click with the mouse on Device Manager. The Device Manager form is used to configure the HygroFlex and to read device specific information.

When Device Manager is started, it automatically interrogates the device and downloads its current configuration.




Device Information




RS485 address: click on the underlined link to change the instrument address to be used in conjunction with an RS-485 network (multi-drop). Each network address should be unique and within the values of 0 to 63.

Note: the default factory RS-485 address is 0. Unless necessary, do not manually modify this address. HW4 will automatically change the RS-485 address of the device, if so required.


Device Protection: for a description of this function, see document General HW5 feature









Device name: As far as possible use a unique device name (maximum 12 characters).


Calculation: Adding a third parameter. Dew point (Dp), Frost point (Fp) etc. (depends on the device).


Fixed Pressure Val.: enter here the fixed numerical value to be used for barometric pressure when calculating the following parameters: Wet bulb temperature, Enthalpy, Specific humidity and Mixing ratio by weight. This numerical value should correspond to the typical barometric pressure at your elevation (or in your process) and should be consistent with the unit system that is being used.


Data Refresh Rate: This function determines how often the display, analog output signals and any digital output signal are refreshed. Data refresh rate cannot be changed on 2-wire transmitters with firmware lower than 3.0.


Generate fixed humidity/temperature value: place a check mark in these boxes to make the HygroFlex generate fixed humidity and temperature values instead of the actual measurements.

The fixed values must be with the following limits: -999.99 and 9999.99.

Note: Make sure that the fixed values fall within the range specified for the HygroFlex analog outputs. Using the device as a simulator serves the purpose of verifying the analog signal transmission (loop validation) after completing an installation.


Generate fixed values when probe connection is lost: place a check mark in this box to generate fixed humidity and temperature values whenever communication with the probe is lost. The fixed values are the same as specified under Generate Humidity Fixed Value / Generate Temperature Fixed Value.

The fixed values must be with the following limits: -999.99 and 9999.99

Note: you may want to use fixed values that are within the range specified for the device analog outputs enabling this function removes the uncertainty as to the value of the analog output signals in the event that the probe is either not communicating with the transmitter or is disconnected from the transmitter. The device will issue an alarm only when the alarm function has been enabled under Probe Input and at least one of the fixed values is out of the limits defined for the alarm function.


Battery Type: select standard or rechargeable. Rechargeable enables the HP23 battery charge function. Be sure not to select Rechargeable when using a standard battery. Attempting to recharge a standard battery is dangerous and could damage the HP23.


Auto Power Off: the HP23 can power itself automatically down after a time period selected by the user. The factory default is Off (function disabled)


Set to PC Date and Time: click on this link to immediately set the clock of the HP23 to the date and time of the PC. Do not use this link when the HP23 is recording data.




Unit System




Humidity: enter here the letters to be used after the “%” symbol used for relative humidity


Temperature and other parameters: Left click on the arrow to the right of the text box and select the engineering unit.


Click with the mouse on the blue links labeled Metric or English to globally set the unit system for all parameters.


Note: regarding both HW5 and the transmitter outputs and display, the unit system selected for the transmitter overrides the unit system selected for the probe.