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Step 1

Once the RMS-JSON-API file is downloaded, extract everything from the .zip file.


api installer 1


The "Release Notes" contain all changes from the previous versions.

Step 2

Open the Application installer folder:

api installer 2

Step 3

Double click on the RMS JSON API Setup.exe file.


The following window will open, click on the "More info" located near the 1:

api installer 3


Click on "Run anyway":

api installer 4

Step 4

The User Account control will ask if you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device? Click on Yes:

api installer 5

Step 5

The RMS JSON API Setup Wizard will open:

api installer 6


Click on next, next and then install. Till the following window appears, then click on Finish:

api installer 7


The installation is now complete. To communicate external API and RMS server a background process runs as a service.