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  • HP23-A Display

    When I press on the Menu key, the system not displaying properly. But it reads the data and shows reading correctly on the home screen.
    Except for the home screen, the display not working properly. Does anyone have suggestions on this?

    I changed all parameters for display through HW4 software. and even there is no loose connection.
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    Hi Haseebashrafkp

    We have looked at your question. Unfortunately, we could not reproduce your problem. In our case, the HP-23 was connected to the HW4 software via a USB cable. Then the menu button on the device was pressed. The display immediately switched to the menu.

    Is this the process you used?
    Maybe you have a second device with which you could repeat the process and compare the result.

    Best regards


    • Haseebashrafkp
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      hi Dario, Unfortunately, I am not able to attach the picture. When I press the Menu button, there is a glitch on the display. But the instrument reads the data.