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Typical Cellular Sim Data usage with RMS

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  • Typical Cellular Sim Data usage with RMS

    We have a growing number of projects with RMS hardware connection to RMS Cloud running on cellular routers. Clearly data usage is important for system management.

    I would advise using a local sim provider that has a portal so you can always review and be alerted of excessive data usage.

    As a guide some example setups are below with typical data usage. Note that usage is only related to the RMS hardware communication to RMS-Cloud (not end user access to the cloud).

    2x RMS Gateway
    2x RMS LAN Display
    7x Logger @ 5 min interval (RMS-LOG-868 + HCD)
    ~950MB usage / month

    1x Gateway
    2x Logger @ 2 min interval (1x RMS-MLOG-T10 & 1x RMS-LOG-868 + HCD)
    ~400MB usage / month

    RMS Hardware + Cellular router is a robust solution that works well, you have benefits in that the entire system can be pre-configured before delivery to the customer. Upon delivery the end user need only power up teh mains devices (eg router/gateways etc).