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RMS integration via OPC in existing PLC / SCADA / HMI Enterprise platforms

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  • RMS integration via OPC in existing PLC / SCADA / HMI Enterprise platforms

    RMS is predominantly a monitoring solution, with easy user interface, robust data integrity and autonomous device and data management. However RMS itself is unable to control or act as a Building Management System.

    However RMS is built to allow further integration.

    Core approaches are to use the RMS SQL DB directly or the RMS API, there are several blogs on this subject here

    A typical standard for integration is OPC. In some projects are are asked if RMS is OPC compatible. RMS does not itself create OPC communication however most OPC software platforms include native support for SQL DB and APIs.

    I used a free tool to test how this might be possible. The tool is OPC-Router and can be freely downloaded with the only limitation that the service will only run for a few hours before stopping (but it can be restarted). Perfect for testing.

    Using OPC-Router in summary these are my steps.
    - Created an OPC UA Server with several OPC tags (Value & Date/Time)
    - Created a OPC UA interface to connect to that server
    - Created a DB Connection to my RMS DB
    - Created a simple template that requests the latest value and datetime from RMS for a specific MPT every X seconds and sends that data to a specific pair of tags in the OPC server.

    - Thus whenever a new channel is required on the clients software/HMI/PLC etc this template can be used to send the data to their OPC Server. The user simply needs enter the MPT ID, set the polling frequency and send the data to the correct OPC tags.

    Of course it took me a while to understand the software but once cracked it is really very simple. I was able to test whole setup properly using another free tool OPC UA Client. This was able to externally connect to my OPC server and confirm live data was available.

    Whilst Rotronic is not a system integrator and cannot officially support integration projects it is important to be aware of what is possible. RMS test installation versions are available specifically for this type of requirement and if you have any questions please do hesitate to ask.

    By combining the benefits of RMS core software and hardware with wider integration into companies existing systems and platforms can be hugely beneficial and potentially save substantial costs.

    Some images are attached outlining the process.