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  • Case 318

    I want to move to another physical server, what do I have to do to carry on monitoring?

    1. The LAN devices need to be updated with the web service details: the host and the path. This update is done with the RMS-CONFIG software. The device needs to be disabled to carry out this step.
    2. We suggest the following steps (if using the same SQL server):
    3. Backup the DB.
    4. Setup the new web.server Stop IIS for now
    5. STOP via IIS on old web.server
    6. Start IIS on new web server and confirm web-site works (although live data will be down)
    7. Be sure to update the paths in RMS>Setup>System
    8. Edit one gateway host name and confirm reconnection
    9. Proceed with updating all LAN devices
    Additional Information:
    The devices remain in the same place and the network remains the same, only the server details (including IP address are different).