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15 mm (0.6")


108 mm (3.3")

Housing material

Polycarbonate, black




All HCD probes use the same connector (male).


Connection diagram (7-pin connector, male – view: probe side)


1)        V+

2)        GND

3)        UART RxD

4)        UART TxD

5)        –

6)        –

7)        GND




For best measurement results, please consider the following points:

oInstall the probe at a representative location for the process being monitored.

oAvoid the following:

Probe near a heating or cooling element, next to a wall, in direct sunlight, etc.

Probe near a steam inlet, humidifier, or atmospheric precipitation

Pressure fluctuations (e.g. in compressed air systems)

oThe probe should not be installed above a heating element.

oThe airflow might be faster than 1 m/s if possible


If installed through a wall, make sure the probe is inserted as far as possible into the environment being measured.




During installation, make sure that no condensation can collect on or in the probe and cause a short circuit at the sensor connections. Probes should be installed with the sensors at the bottom. This allows waste heat from the electronics to escape upward. If not possible, then horizontal installation is also acceptable.