Version and Change Control

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Version and Change Control


Actual Version HW5

Actual Version SW21


The version overview is explained below:

1:                Major version number.

X.1:        Minor version number.

X.X.1:        Bug fix or specific update version number.

X.X.X.1:        Year and day of compilation.


The system validation is only carried out on the most recent hardware, firmware and software. The system validation is done with every software release. Should a new firmware be launched prior to a new software, then the new firmware version will not be documented within the compliance declaration.



Change Control




Description of the Change


Initial version of the manual and HW5

Change to HW4:

Integration of HF5A (NFC)

Some devices not supported anymore (See Overview)

Monitoring function not available

OPC version not available

Network operation (RS485), it not available