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Measurement principal

The device carries out a temperature measurement at an adjustable interval for a connected NTC sensor, stores the values and, if possible, forwards them to the server.

The device has one integrated analogue digital converter (ADC) for connecting one NTC sensors.


NTC connections




Either NTC connection can be attached.

RMS-Minilogger_installation 1


Either NTC connection can be attached.


Conversion of the resistance value into a temperature value

The resistance of an NTC thermistor, in a function of temperature is described as:


Rt = R25 x e((-B/T)-B/T25))


R25 is the resistance in at 25°C.

B is the constant, characteristic for a thermistor.

T is the absolute temperature.

T25 is 25°C in K (298.15K).


Characteristic Curve

Example of a characteristic curve of an NTC thermistor with the following parameters:

R25 = 2.7kΩ

B = 3900


ntc curve

NTC Sensor Details

Temperature NTC