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In most data logging devices (except the DIN-Rail versions), a mounting velcro mounting is included in the package.


Glue details:

Adhesive strength on almost all materials such as: plastics and plastic films, metal, wood, stone, ceramics, glass. Not recommended for PVC surfaces.

Temperature range: -30...96°C (short time at higher temperatures).

Softening point: +127°C.


Mounting instructions:

Prepare the surface: prepare the surface of the substrates to achieve optimal bonding. Preparation may require using a detergent or solvent to clean the materials as thoroughly as possible and remove the dust, grease, and oil.

Optimal bonding is obtained at a temperature of at least 20°C. A strong contact pressure is necessary, with a rubberized roller for example.

The adhesive bond can be improved by brief exposure to heat (2 minutes of hot air at 60...80°C).

A load on the bond is recommended after 30 minutes at the earliest, better after at least 2 hours.


AC1321 mounting kit

Applications: RMS wall module mounting

Mounting cone (to bring the Ethernet cable through the joint)

Allen key

Compatibility: RMS-LOG-L & RMS-GW-868


AC1322 holder

Applications: RMS probe wall mounting module

Compatibility: PCD and CCD probes


RMS-AC-0001 holder for RMS-Monitor-7

Holder to attach the RMS-Monitor-7 to a wall

Compatibility: RMS-Monitor-7


AC6001/XX tubing

Applications: Tubing for differential pressure monitoring

Diameter: 4 mm

Compatibility: PCD-S, PF4 & CRP5


AC1000 naturally ventilated weather shield

Applications: protect your outdoor temperature and relative humidity measurement

Application range: protection against wind speeds of up to 70 m/s and horizontal precipitation

Compatibility: HCD-S