Customer adjustment

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Customer adjustment

This section describes all manipulations necessary for operation.



Default Configuration

The device does not have a wireless configuration on leaving the factory. It is assigned automatically when pairing the device in a system.



Integration in the RMS-WEB Software

To integrate the device in an RMS-WEB system, pairing mode must be enabled via the software on a gateway within wireless range. The search for the device is started by pressing a button. If it is possible for the device to connect with the gateway, this is shown by orange flashing. Pairing is then completed as described in the SW Configuration



Function Overview

Overview of the main software functions of the device


The measured data is sent to the RMS server software at the fixed interval directly after the measurement.



There is no adjustment possible in the RMS-MLOG-BT-XXX but some other function which are mentioned below:

Device properties rms_mlog_b


Save measured data

The measured values of every measurement are saved in the internal ring memory (13,000 pairs of measured values). If the data cannot be sent to the server software directly, they are kept in the device and then sent later as soon as the connection to the server software has been restored.

Firmware update

The firmware of the device can be updated directly via the RMS server software.