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Camera and motion detection in RMS


  • Camera and motion detection in RMS

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    Example applications
    • Parking garage (PIR Sensor and/or camera)
    You can use the camera and the motion sensor as access control.
    • Light control (PIR Sensor and/or camera)
    The light is automatically controlled by a motion detector.
    • Power control (PIR Sensor and/or camera)
    After the PIR sensor detects a person entering the office in the morning, all electronic devices are started.
    • Air conditioning control (camera)
    The air conditioning is controlled by the feedback of a camera. This detects whether there are many people in the room.
    • Quality assurance
    When a device leaves the machine on a conveyor belt during production, the movement of the conveyor belt is detected, a photo of the device coming out is taken and saved. Thus, the photo can be used for tracking at a later time.

    All applications can be combined with an email or sms notification by RMS.
    In this article we would like to show you an example application from an video surveillance with motion detection which is possible with RMS.

    How to implement

    The motion sensor is integrated into the system via an RMS-DI-LR. The camera is connected to the network with a LAN cable.
    First, integrate the RMS-DI-LR into the system and add a switch input measuring point (Tools -> Setup -> New).
    The texts for the On/Off case can be defined in the measuring point settings (see "An"/"Aus" in the example picture below).

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    Create an action (Tools -> Setup -> actions).
    In the action the email recipient and the camera URL must be entered, as well as the checkbox Web Camera System must be activated.

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    Finally an alarm schema is created (Tools -> Setup -> Alarm schema).
    The alarm schema defines the alarm times and the action. In our case the webcam mail action must be selected .

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    In the end activate the alarm scheme in the measuring point settings under alarm mode.

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    Enjoy your application!

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